A (previous) Working Group for the Development of

Regional Earthquake Likelihood Models

Given a lack of consensus on how to forecast earthquakes, RELM was a working group dedicated to developing a variety of alternative forecast models for California, testing these models against geophysical data, and evaluating their seismic hazard implications.

The results of this working group have now been published in a special issue of Seismological Research Letters:

The RELM working group has now evolved and expanded into four other entities (please click links for more info):

CSEP (a collaboratory for formal testing of earthquake forecasts and predictions)

WGCEP (a group for combining "best available science" into official forecasts for California)

OpenSHA (an infrastructure for evaluating the hazard implications of forecasts)

SCEC's "Earthquake Forecasting and Predictability" focus group (for basic research)

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